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Anna Taroni

nome coreografia: Bigman
brano musicale: That Dimple On Your Cheek by The Crazy B
nr. passi: 64 nr. muri: 2 nr. ripartenze: 0 nr. tag: 0

Section 1: R rocking chair, R toe strut ½ turn, L rock ½ turn

1-2: rock step right forward, recover left

3-4: rock back right, recover left

5-6: toe strut right ½ turn to left

7-8: rock step left making ½ turn to left, recover right


Section 2: L scissor step, R stomp up, R point, R step back, L point, L touch toe

1-2: step left to left side, step right beside left

3-4: cross left over right, stomp up right beside left

5-6: point right, step back right

7-8: point left, touch left toe behind right


Section 3: L point, together, R kick x2, R jumping jazz box ½ turn

1-2: point left, step left beside right (weight on the left)

3-4: kick right x2

5-6: (making ½ turn to left) cross right over left, step back on left and kick right

7-8: step on right and kick left, step on left and flick right


Section 4: R step lock step, L stom, R long step back, L stomp, R stomp up

1-2: step right forward, cross left behind right

3-4: step right forward, stomp left beside right

5-6: long step right back

7-8: stomp left, stomp up right


Section 5: R rock step ¼ turn, R step ¼ turn, L stomp up, L rock step ¼ turn, L step ¼ turn, R stomp up

1-2: rock step right ¼ turn right, recover left

3-4: step right ¼ turn right, stomp up left beside right

5-6: rock step left ¼ turn left, recover right

7-8: step left ¼ turn left, stomp up right beside left


Section 6: R step, L hook, L step, R hook, R back rock, R stomp

1-2: step right to right side, hook left over right

3-4: step left to left side, hook right behind left

5-6: rock back on right, recover left

7-8: stomp right, hold

Section 7: R step pivot x2, L coaster step, R stomp

1-2: step right forward, ½ turn to left

3-4: step right forward, ½ turn to left

5-6: step back left, step right beside left

7-8: step left forward, stomp right


Section 8: L flick, L stomp, R flick, R stomp, R swivel toe/heel, R swivet

1-2: flick left, stomp left

3-4: flick right, stomp right

5-6: swivel right toe to right side, swivel right heel to right side

7-8: swivet to right, return to centre

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